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All of our image acquisition and analysis methods for multivariable, multimodal neuroimaging data have been implemented into the QUantitative Estimation of Space-Time processes in volumetric data for Neuroimaging (QUEST-NI) software application. QUEST-NI provides neuroscientists with an innovative set of image analysis tools for robust segmentation, shape analysis, shape statistics, diffusion analysis, and brain atlasing. With an easy-to-use GUI and powerful, cutting-edge visualization supported by our advanced PDA methods for handling and visualizing very large data sets, providing an out-of-the-box application for both novice and expert users. It is also the go-to application for comparative morphology.

More information about QUEST-NI can be found on the QUEST-NI web site:


If you would like to request information on how to download QUEST-NI and participate in using and testing, email us at:

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