Center for Scientific Computation in Imaging


Technical Resources


The CSCI occupies an approximately 3,000 sq. ft. (assignable) building at the La Jolla Village Professional Center. The facility contains:

  1. server room
  2. office space for the Director, two scientific software engineers, and one staff research scientist
  3. cubicles for the Postdoctoral Scholar Employees and Administrative Assistant
  4. work room for students
  5. conference room

CSCI Computational Equipment

Computer Cluster
The cluster is where large-scale computation is done.  This is used to run applications which need to use multiple CPU’s (parallel applications) but also as a place that individual researchers/students can run their simulations/experiments on a day-to-day basis.

Server Room
The Computer cluster is stored and powered in a separate, cooled room to keep all the machines running smoothly and prevents overheating.  This room must be able to accommodate the large amount of power required.  The amount of power depends on the number of nodes in the cluster. 

Data Server
Data servers are used for hourly/daily automated backups of all of the data.

Provides the means for students/researchers etc, to post information in regards to research, lab functions, and collaborative efforts.

Workstations are provided for essential personnel, with additional workstations for students and post-docs. The equipment for the workstations are Linux, Windows, and Mac computers all networked.

Computational and Visual Software

AFNI, AMIRA, QUEST-NI, QUEST-WX, DIFSIM, GSL, Matlab, Paraview, VisIt, Vapor