The QUEST Application for Quantitative Neuro-MRI


The QUEST platform is a simple, intuitive application that implements novel advanced computational methods for the quantitative analysis of the three main modalities of neuro-MRI:

  • High resolution anatomical (HRA) images for morphological analysis

  • Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) for tissue microstructure assessment and the analysis of structural connectivity from tractography

  • Resting state functional MRI (rsFMRI) for the detection of functional connectivity through the analysis of brain networks

These methods are supplemented by a novel non-linear image registration method that allows the integration of multiple volumes from these different modalities into standard templates to facilitate standardized group comparisons. The results of these analyses can be visualized using cutting edge graphics capabilities that run efficiently on a laptop and allow the easy and efficient investigation of multiple multi-parametric image volumes from these different MRI modalities.