Kristen Gledhill


MR Data Analyst
B.S. Human Biology, University of San Diego, California

I have recently graduated with a B.S. in Human Biology from UCSD. Currently, I am preparing to apply to medical school this summer and intend to matriculate in the summer of 2011. As a Human Biology major, initially I was interested with the DFL to become more familiar with the anatomy of a fish as it compares to the human body. What I found was that the anatomy of "a fish" does not truly exist as a single entity. My excitement about the DFL now comes from the extreme morphological diversity that can be found among fishes, even between two species of the same genus. There is so much left for me to discover before I find my way back to the human body in medical school.


Since 2006, I have been responsible for the organization and coordination of the Digital Fish Library (DFL) scanning and database, which included coordinating specimen scanning and data acquisition between Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO), Center for Functional MRI (fMRI), and various independent institutions worldwide, as well as some specimen preparation and data analysis.

My responsibilities have evolved over time to have a larger focus on analysis of specimen MR data for the DFL database and current collaborative research projects. This includes whole body segmentation and rendering of scanned specimen internal organs in 3D using the latest software programs, ITKsnap and Amira. I plan to continue building the DFL database with reconstructions and animations of rendered data for larger specimens, with the goal of having them available for use in the Digital Fish Viewer on the website.

My involvement in current and previous projects outside the DFL include: morphological analysis of ponyfish (Leiognathid) light organ systems, led by Prosanta Chakrabarty at LSU; exterior surface render of a Great White Shark for National Geographic Channel's "Explorer: Ultimate Shark"; and whole body segmentation of a Smooth Hammerhead for NGC's "Explorer: Shark Superhighway."