Anubhav Chopra


Web Developer
B.S. Computer Science, University of San Diego, California (expected graduation date: Dec. 2010)

This is my fourth year at UCSD as a Computer Science major and I have been at CSCI for almost four months now. As a Web Developer for CSCI, I am involved in building, updating, and redesigning the website and the database for the Digital Fish Library. After graduation I plan to work in the industry before continuing my education.

I'm involved primarily in the development of the DFL website which is an online database of fish specimens in the Scripp's Institution of Oceanography's marine vertebrates collection. Classification, biological, photo, and MRI data about each specimen are stored in a database and searchable online. Our short term goal is to enhance the user experience on the website, and in the long term we are planning on integrating a full 3D-viewer into the site along with using the data for educational purposes. My responsibilities include building, maintaining and redesigning the database, writing the code to search and display information about the specimens, creating new designs for the content displayed on the webpage. This project is in collaboration with many other groups and individuals, especially specialists from SIO and the collection keepers.

Working at CSCI and dealing with many varied challenges has taught me a to think out-side-the-box and allowed me to try new design ideas in the web development area which interests me. The experience I've gained here will be invaluable in my professional career.