AFNI Diffusion Plugin

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The AFNI Diffusion Plugin is not currently actively maintained. We still use the plugin ourselves, and try to keep relatively recent versions of the code available on this site, but the documentation is out of date, and the plugin may not build on your machine.

The AFNI Diffusion Plugin (ADP) is a software package developed by the Center for Scientific Computation in Imaging at UCSD to extend the functionality of AFNI to analyze and visualize diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data. ADP provides tools to convert diffusion weighted imaging data into the standard diffusion tensor (with fractional anisotropy and mean diffusion included) as well as a spherical harmonic decomposition (SHD) of the diffusion signal. The SHD is able to capture diffusion modes lost to the standard second order diffusion tensor, which preserves information about anisotropy in regions of crossing or fanning fibers.

The AFNI Diffusion Plugin also provides a three-dimensional cut plane viewer which shows not only anatomical images, but also diffusion data, displayed as vectors pointing in the direction of the primary eigenvector of the diffusion tensor. The vectors are colored according to local fractional anisotropy (FA) and may also be thresholded according to FA.

Finally, the AFNI Diffusion Plugin provides a display of the diffusion signal for any selected voxel (chosen by crosshairs in the standard AFNI viewer).

Source code and documentation (both HTML and PDF) are available.

This project was supported by a generous grant from the National Institutes of Health NIH
Grant number: R01 MH075870-02


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